The Temiskaming Law Library is located in beautiful Haileybury, Ontario. It occupies a series of rooms on the 2nd floor of the Haileybury Court House. Members and guests of the Temiskaming Law Association include area lawyers, visiting lawyers, judges and members of the Crown.

     Presently, the library caters to a broad range of specialities and interests. Our members practice in all areas of the law.  

     The Temiskaming Law Library also offers a quiet work space that has free access to LexisNexis Advance Quick Law on two computer work stations within the library.

     Overall, the Temiskaming Law Library is a small gem in the heart of a professional establishment. This cozy and quaint place offers up to date education and research based materials available to its membership at all hours of the day.  


The Temiskaming Law Association is a member of OCLA (Ontario Courthouse Libraries Association). Please visit our page through their website at: